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Youthful Skin

Lasers, needles, make up plastic surgery, and shelves full of expensive serums and creams. That is only some of the things we do to keep our skin youthful these days. The appearance of youthful skin is not a new obsession in TICM.

TICM is a pioneer in the skincare industry putting immense emphasis on the appearance of the skin. Good skin is a sign of vitality and health in TICM. In ancient Chinese culture and continued in TICM, herbs have been used to keep the skin beautiful from the inside out. Our outside appearance reflects our internal state.

Wu Wei Zi: is considered an elite herb. It was especially popular among the wealthy class to promote beautiful skin and provide protection from sun and wind damage. Because of the astringent nature of Wu Wei Zi, the skin is able to hold moisture to be plump and supple. It helps improve problems like eczema and hives because of its power to heal the Liver.

He Shou Wu (sadly we say goodbye to this herb due to regulations): this herb has been regarded as a youthful tonic, or elixir of life because of its youthful benefits. One of the major factors in disease, aging and the deterioration of our physical beauty such as wrinkles, skin and hair problems, is inflammation. He Shou Wu safely suppresses pro-inflammatory pathways and controls inflammation-associated diseases.

Tu Si Zi: this herb demonstrates its therapeutic effect in various diseases, inflammation and cancer and has been described as one of the best medical plants recorded. Tu Si Zi enters the Liver, Kidney and Spleen meridians. Internally, the Spleen provides the source of Blood and vital energy, which is vital to be freely flowing and circulating for healthy skin.

Gou Qi Zi: this powerful antioxidant retains moisture and regenerates cells for a soft, youthful complexion. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that reduce acne, promote collagen production, and even out skin tone. It helps the Kidney and Liver channels along with our hair.

Note: I do offer beauty treatments in clinic but recommend a minimum of 8 needling sessions in conjunction with herbal medicine as well as a change in your daily nutrition.

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