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Still using hand sanitisers that cause damage to your gut microbiome? You may want to think again after reading this. The following is my opinion from TICM perspective only and I am not telling you to stop if hand sanitiser is something you believe in. The following is my belief and everyone's view of the world is different. Dysbiosis also called dysbacteriosis or gut dysbiosis is a term for a microbial imbalance or alterations in gut flora composition and function. This is associated with numerous disease states, including metabolic syndrome, mood disorders, brain conditions, obesity, diabetes, malignancy, and allergic conditions. Because of the impact of the gut on the immune system, dysbiosis has also been implicated in autoimmune disease. The main signs and symptoms of dysbiosis are digestive disturbances. People with the condition may experience frequent gas or bloating most days along with abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and constipation, with mucus in the stool. In Western medicine, this disorder is treated with antibiotics. In TICM antibiotics are not prescribed because of their negative effect on the gut that in this case has already been weakened to the point of sickness. In all cases, the Spleen and Stomach Qi (energy) is weak and dysfunctioning. In TICM, dysbiosis is treated on an individual level. The patient might be suffering from the below classifications. In TICM, when the body is weakened, especially the digestive system, pathogens can cause harm that may have not disrupted the body to the same extent if the constitution was strong as opposed to weakened. Spleen & Stomach Qi deficiency: either the Spleen is weak and unable to transmit and transport nutrients or the Stomach is unable to break down food properly and get the proper energy it needs from food for various reasons. Damp-heat: a weakened Spleen accumulates dampness, if you add on greasy, spicy, food along with any caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, heat forms. Drugs, stress, lack of sleep, also add heat. Gu syndrome: this ancient description encompasses all complex chronic infections and inflammatory diseases and helps us understand what we are dealing with when a patient has chaotic multisystem health problems, whether or not certain findings are identified through blood work or not.

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