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Breast cancer prevention tips

Limit stress: use acupuncture, meditation, moderate exercise like walking and Qigong to alleviate stress and overwork. Stress harms the ability for the body to successfully remove toxins, toxin build up can lead to disease.

Remove toxins: hormone disrupters are found in most care products that are marketed to women. Make sure to use clean and natural products and read labels on what you buy. Deodorants free of aluminium and heavy metals is one switch to make immediately.

Proper sleep: consistent sleep cycles in a dark room is imperative for proper melatonin hormone secretion. Melatonin helps in the prevention of cancer. Not having lights from electronics or street lights is another way to have more sound sleep.

Eat the rainbow: eating a variety of foods is the single most important tip for health. Focusing on having 3-4 different vegetables, along with herbs and spices for each meal is an easy way to make sure you are focusing on plants and vegetables as the source of your diet.

Balanced hormones: work with a professional to make sure you don't have too much oestrogen.

Limit alcohol: alcohol use in women greatly increases breast cancer. Make sure you are only enjoying consumption in moderation.

Emotions: ladies keep your emotions at bay, do not hold onto emotions and find ways of letting anger go.

Drink ginger powder tea daily. Dehydrated ginger has the ability to kill cancer cells.

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