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Anxiety: support your system

Nutrition: pay attention to the food you are consuming. Anxiety is tied to the gut in TICM to the to Stomach and Spleen organ systems. The weaker those organ systems are, the easier it is to feel worried and anxious. It Is vital to nourish yourself with whole foods. Understand that eating according to the government food pyramid does not set you up for success. Make sure you are receiving adequate amounts of magnesium, zinc, vitamin B, C, D and a good dose of probiotics through foods.

Let go: decluttering, organising and cleaning can be your greatest friend during this time of quarantine and weather changing. If you do these things in a mindful manner, you will feel in control and calm. Autumn is all about letting go, shifting beliefs, allowing new perspective. The more harmonious you are with nature, the more supported and grounded you will feel.

Connect: reach out to loved ones and take part in positive and uplifting conversations. There is enough negativity going around, no need to also talk more about it. You want to raise your vibration, not bring it down. Talk to people that make you feel supported and loved.

Sweating: make exercise, stretching, and sweating priority. If you feel stagnant make sure your lymphatic system is supported by dry brushing, gua sha, or jump rope. If you are lucky enough to have a sauna or infrared blanket use them. A hot detox bath can also create a good sweat. Get creative and get flowing. Don't overexert yourself however, practice more regularly at a moderate level rather than going too hard. Too much exertion taxes your energy (Qi).

Relax: take some time away from screens and read, write, practice Qigong and play. Meditate and don't give up on it. The more trouble you may have meditating is only more evidence that you need it.

Herbs: use herbal formulas passed down from the sages to support you. Spleen and Liver formula’s helps anxiety, depression, fear and Stomach imbalances by boosting your Shen which is like your Spirit. Astragalus root helps overall immunity, pathogens, and our vital energy (Qi) by nourishing, supplementing, and strengthening the body.

Sending you all love and healing light always xxx

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