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Our Nourishment for Spleen Deficiency herbal blend is carefully formulated to address the symptoms of palpitations due to Spleen Qi and Heart Blood deficiency. Specifically designed to alleviate palpitations, intermittent pulse, fatigue, forgetfulness, insomnia, reduced appetite, and pale complexion, this herbal remedy is a natural and effective option for those suffering from these symptoms. In addition, our blend can also provide relief for those experiencing chronic bleeding syndromes such as early periods with copious, pale blood. Clinically prescribed and carefully crafted, our Nourishment for Spleen Deficiency is a trusted choice for improving overall health and well-being. Whether you're seeking a holistic approach to treating these symptoms or looking for a natural alternative to traditional medication, our herbal blend can provide the support you need.


56 tablets: adult dose: 4 tablets twice per day. We recommend a course of 4 weeks and then review. (GPT)

Nourishment for Spleen Deficiency

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