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Introducing our Female Empowerment Powder, a revolutionary food-based formula designed to improve egg quality and balance hormones for women who are trying to conceive. Whether you are looking to conceive naturally or through IVF/IUI, our powder is scientifically formulated to boost the rate of success, giving you the best chance at starting or expanding your family. This powerful blend also assists with AMH & FSH levels, PCOS, irregular ovulation, menstrual irregularities, and unexplained miscarriages, addressing a variety of fertility challenges. Crafted with high-quality herbs and botanicals, our Female Empowerment Powder is a natural and effective solution for women seeking to optimize their reproductive health and achieve their dreams of motherhood. Say goodbye to fertility struggles and hello to empowerment with our carefully crafted herbal supplement.


140 grams. 5 grams dissolved in warm water to be twice per day 30 minutes after food. 

Female Empowerment Powder

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