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Will worrying damage my Stomach

Yes absolutely worry will damage your Stomach and Spleen from a TICM viewpoint. Remember peeps, Spleen is an immunity organ, produces new blood cells, destroys old cells and many other functions. So let us stop worrying due to the worldwide issues and do our utmost best to get the best healthcare we can. Or let us get preventative care as it is always best according to TICM.

Ever wondered why worrying is usually met with a Stomach ache or a wave of nausea?

Worry is the emotion of the Spleen and partner organ Stomach, the organs associated with the Earth element. The mother organ is the Heart. Worrying strips your vital energy from your body. It weakens the acts of digesting food and emotions. Often times people who constantly worry have no appetite because their digestion has shut off. This then results in the body not being able to produce enough blood because food is not metabolising.

The act of worry means dwelling too much on one thing in particular, or concentrating on it too hard for too long, giving way to anxiety or unease. It is allowing one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles and negatives. This ends up creating more worry and anxiety, it’s a vicious cycle and that’s why it is hard for some to gain control. Feeding your body correctly and relaxing with moderate exercise can really help this emotion overload.

People who worry all the time can experience digestive system disorders such as IBS, bloating or gas as worry stagnates the energy aka it stops energy from flowing freely. Spleen and Stomach imbalances manifest as depression, anxiety, poor appetite, weakened limbs, insomnia, abdominal bloating and in women, menstrual irregularities.

An unbalanced Stomach and Spleen harms the Heart as well. The Heart is the mother of the Stomach. Prolonged worry and stress to an organ affects the mother organ because it is the mother's job to help balance the struggling organ, taking the energy from there. In this case, palpitations can occur as well as Heart Blood deficiency as the Heart is using its energy to help the Spleen and Stomach.

Worry, anxiety and fear are often based on what ifs and are projections of the future, most likely of thoughts that will never come into fruition. If you catch yourself worrying, take a minute to slow down and become present. Immediately think of 3-5 positive aspects of the situation and spend roughly 2 minutes thinking about the good, tell the Universe/Allah you trust it/Him.

Once you trust the Universe/Allah and believe it/He has your highest good in mind, trust will conquer worry as you know you are supported by the vital force of the Universe/Allah.

To eat for balance of the Spleen and Stomach, incorporate sweet flavoured foods and root vegetables which are foods associated with the Earth, for they grow in soil. Think yellow, orange, brown coloured foods and herbs. Make sure to eat carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnip, squash, chestnuts, fig, taro, licorice root (Gan Cao), ginger root (Sheng Jiang), jujube date (Da Zao) and astragalus root (Huang Qi). Start your day with a baked sweet potato and ginger powder (Gan Jiang) tea.

Incorporate ginger powder tea daily along with Liver Recharge to help the flow of Blood and energy. If you are in constant worry it is time to eliminate processed foods, cold, raw, and all frozen foods, iced drinks, refined sugars and too much caffeine. You want to think about nourishing and warming the stomach, aiding it in digesting your emotions, thoughts and food. Please also read through my previous post on Spleen.

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