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What are you feeling

Many people feel emotions in certain parts of their bodies such as stress in their neck or anxiety in their Stomach, maybe happiness in their chest. Anger tends to be in the heady, top-of-body emotion, while love and happiness is felt rather strongly all over. Feelings such as sadness and depression, however, are experienced as a relative deactivation of sensations, compared to normal states.

In TICM, emotions are considered the primary internal cause of disease. Though it may sound harsh, when any emotion becomes overpowering to a person, it can cause serious damage to the internal organs. Specifically, Yin-Yang energy becomes imbalanced and that produces imbalances in Blood and Qi (energy) flow. This leads to blockages in the channels, resulting in symptoms. Where there is less Qi and Blood circulation, it would be normal for something to be cold. Where there is too much, it would be normal for heat to arise.

For example, in TICM, we say with anger, heat rises so symptoms can be anything from red face, eye issues, feeling hot headed, headaches, migraines, tinnitus or dizziness to name a few.

Happiness is when Qi and Blood are flowing smoothly, without obstruction.

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