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"It is easy to get many drug prescriptions, but hard to find an efficient one" is rooted in Chinese and Islamic culture.

Though this very well relates to TICM, and is actually very relevant in today's wellness and conventional medicine methods, it goes even deeper.

Each road block we face, each problem we are confronted with has its very own solution. There is never one size fits all approach to anything. In fact, we tend to seek answers outside of ourselves instead of consulting with how we feel and why. The answers always lay within the question itself.

In a medical and healing aspect, the reason why the methods based in TICM are so effective are because they are completely individualised. With an experienced doctor, a patient's disharmonies are traced back to the root cause. Lifestyle, emotions, habits, mannerisms, tendencies and everything in between are part of the analysis. This gives way to true healing, in a way conventional medicine can't deliver.

The most important thing is to be there for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Take responsibility for yourself and also love yourself. Your needs and wants are unique to you. Don't be ashamed of that, instead check in with yourself. Write down how you feel, spend time with yourself, fall in love with yourself. The more you do that, the more you will know what you need on all levels, to live the most vibrant life possible.

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