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Weight gain

In TICM, excess weight is viewed as an accumulation of Dampness which results when the Spleen is dysfunctioning. Because the Spleen system which includes the Stomach and Pancreas, oversees digestion, absorption and is responsible for transforming food into nutrients that are sent out to the entire body, supplying our energy and creating Blood. A dysfunctioning Spleen organ system is unable to do so, leading to failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body, creating a sticky, swamp like environment where toxins love to hide. Failing to transform waste fluids and foods gather into excess waste and transform into dampness which will congeal into phlegm and become “fat”. 1. Spleen weakness and Stomach heat: consumption of heavy, greasy, and spicy foods or alcohol causes heat to accumulate in the stomach. You crave more of the same. Please remember heat does not equal Yang (warm energy). Heat is a pathogen. The Spleen is overloaded and unable to function properly, creating dampness. 2. Liver Qi (energy) stagnation: emotional stress, excess emotions or trauma can take a toll on the body causing the Liver to fail in regulating Qi flow. When this smooth flow of Qi is obstructed, Blood flow is affected too. This sluggish flow of Qi can block organ meridians, block Blood flow and impede damp clearance, resulting in weight accumulation. 3: Kidney Yang deficiency: our Kidneys are responsible for our development, maturation and reproduction, they are the root of our being, the root of Yin and Yang (cold/warm) balance. Yang is the vital warmth and the energy which fuels our metabolism. When Kidney Yang is deficient, fluids are not metabolised efficiently, and fluid retention may occur. Body metabolism slows down and makes it difficult to lose weight.

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