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Water conservation

So Australian government are conserving water by killing 10,000 camels. This injustice and illegal to nature.

As Muslims we are taught by our beloved (SAW) that we should always conserve water and ways in which we can do this. We are also taught to treat every creation including the she camels with kindness causing no harm. This goes without saying for the native indigenous people of Australia whom the land has been stolen from illegally.

In the uncivilised western world we live, water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage. According to water experts, water conservation is important because fresh clean water is a limited resource, as well as a costly one. If you pay for water usage, you are aware of how costly water can be. Conservation of this natural resource is critical for the environment and for our bank accounts. Water does not belong to anyone, mother nature provides that so why do we have to pay? If the real Australians were handed back their land, they would also not charge, making mother nature work for everyone. But we live in a selfish world where no one gives a damn about our earth and waste is huge whether its water, food, clothes........

If people are truly bothered about water wastage, use these tips below for water conservation:

Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth and shaving. For shaving have a cup or use the sink for a small pool of water to rinse the razor.

Do not use your toilet as a wastebasket, every flush uses 5-7 gallons of water. In the UK, our plumbers fit cisterns with half flush with reduced water out put automatically now.

Check for leaks in your plumbing, shower, toilet, faucets and outside water sources. Even a small drip can waste 50 or more gallons of water a day

Install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors that will lessen the flow coming through by about half and your shower will still be satisfying. These also exist for sink faucets and are easy to install

For plant care, place a layer of mulch around trees and plants as it slows the evaporation of moisture and water during the morning or evening only

Laundry is one of the largest water wasters, you probably don't need to wash your clothes as much as you do. When you do use your washer make sure it is full and on the right settings for size.

Dry your clothes on a drying rack or a clothes line. When you save energy, you also save water because power plants use a lot of water to produce electricity. It has been claimed that you should never wash your jeans because it damages them. A trick is to place them in the freezer to kill bacteria. A student at the University of Alberta in Canada wore his jeans for 15 months straight without a wash, then tested the bacteria levels. They found that the unwashed pair carried the same amount of bacteria after they had been washed and worn again for 13 days.

Turn off the water while washing dishes and produce. For dish washing, if you have a 2 part sink, use one to lather and fill the other with water to rinse. It's a great way to wash produce, too. If you don't have a sectional sink, use a large pan or bucket. You can also gather all your washed dishes in a dish rack, then rinse them quickly with a spray device or a pan of water. For produce, soaking them in a bowl of water with some apple cider vinegar is not only the best way to remove impurities, it significantly removes waste.

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