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Too much sex

Sex is an important part of healthy physical function BUT too much will deplete your body. The Kidney Jing is the essence that makes men and women fertile (sperm for men, ova for women). Based on an ancient text "when a girl is 14 Tian Gui (Jing) arrives, the Ren Mai is open, The Chong Mai is flourishing and menstruation starts and she can conceive". This explains that at the average of 14, a girl develops into that of a woman and her body is ready for conception. The text also says "When a boy is 16 Kidney Qi is strong, Tian Gui has arrived, sperm is discharged, Yin and Yang are in balance and he can fertilise". Therefore excessive sex can deplete the Kidney Jing and negatively affect the Kidneys.

What does this lead to? Depletion of Kidney Jing leads to rapid aging and can lead to lower back pain, greying of the hair, premature ejaculation, fatigue and loss of libido. But should you not abstain from it either. Everything in moderation.

TICM has long said that a healthy sex life is crucial to a happy life and that sexual frustration was one of the main causes of depression especially in women, which is why I prescribe sex for mental health issues. In fact despite that fact that women are considered inferior in some cultures, a woman's right to a healthy sex life was considered to be of the utmost importance. In fact not satisfying wives or concubines in the bedroom was considered "a grave offence" by Chinese men.

Sexual libido comes from the Ministerial Fire which when it is stirred affects the Heart (joy and passion comes from the Heart) to build Yang (heat) in the body. When a peak is reached, Yang energy is released which moves Qi throughout the body. Free flowing Qi leads to a relaxed, happy state and balance in the body is restored.

There is not a one size fits all answer to how often to have sex, but the healthier you are the more sex you can have, but if you start feeling tired or your back gives in, it is time to have rest and chill.

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