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Toenail fungus

I love a good inspection of every patient's body as I learn and see some amazing things that keep me on my toes wanting to learn more and more. I especially like looking at people's toes as its just fascinating, the texture, structure, size, bone density, bunions, toe nails. I also like to sniff them as they tell me a lot about the persons internal health. It is amazing how much we use our feet daily but never give it the TLC it deserves. Today I saw lots of toe nail fungus that people tell me they have tried all types of treatment but cannot shift it. One persons toes nails were black.

Just like any other disorder, TICM aims to address the root cause, not just the symptom. Toenail fungus is no different TICM doesn't view this as a disorder on its own, but a symptom in a larger underlying issue. Fungus is a type of mould that can create a problem if the Spleen and Liver systems can't dispel it. When the Spleen and Liver are overcome by damp-heat, fungus can manifest or one becomes more susceptible to it.

Damp-heat arises from several different types of overindulgences. Alcoholic beverages, greasy, sweet or spicy foods and dairy are the usual. General guidelines to remove damp-heat are diet and lifestyle related. Naturally handling stress, receiving proper rest, eating well. Focus on whole grains, small amounts of good quality protein, and always have many vegetables that you can lightly sautee or steam. Take a good quality probiotic and remove processed foods, let the good bacteria in your body revive! Stay tuned for my post on damp-heat specifically.

The locations of the nail fungus can indicate which organ is imbalanced. Our nails in general are manifestations of our Liver system. Some people have all nails infected, some just one and it doesn't spread. It rarely happens where the fungus spreads to the rest of the nails, but it can keep spreading on the same area. Internal and external environments are both vital to maintain.

Take care of the fungal infection on a topical level to prevent reinfection. Keep feet clean and dry at all times, washing feet thoroughly and making sure they are completely dry. When cutting your nails, use a separate pair of clippers for the infected nail or disinfect it after use. The reason why most people don't get better is because they keep reinfecting the area, so make sure you change your socks and even clean out your shoes that you wear without them. Just like the internal dampness causes this problem, so does external dampness. Make sure to avoid moisture on the nail region.

Herbal treatments can help strengthen the organ systems to dispel the fungus from the inside our.

Liver formula's to balance the Liver and help it detox naturally, removing mold and fungus from the Liver system, aka the nail beds.

Energy formula's help to kill the particular fungus. You can use it both orally and topically.

Take ginger extract and or ginger powder daily to increase the body's warm energy (Yang) and resolve dampness and also kill pathogens.

Take colon formula's twice a month around the full and new moon to kill flourishing bacteria and parasites and cleanse the colon.

The real solution is to remove the cause, make the immune system strong and then the fungus will not grow or stay on the toenails and you will eradicate many other issues along the way.

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