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Stressed out

Are you stressed?

My work life is extremely busy, but through all of the chaos, what keeps me going is that I have developed my ideas and dreams into reality. That does not mean that I do not experience stress and problems in life that a normal person does. In fact, it is something we all experience in our current life. Here is how I deal with it.

Take a deep breath and write down what you need to do on a piece of paper.

Stay focused on the most important task first, make that your priority. Do not move on until it is completed.

When completed, check it off from the list and tackle the next one.

Only focus on one thing at a time. Ladies no multi tasking.

If you are feeling constantly and consistently stressed or overwhelmed, get some Liver formula from you physician to help balance the smooth flow of emotions and energy while removing any blockages and stagnation.

I truly believe that anything is possible if you try. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can do it. In fact, the more I do, the more I become inspired to do more. The first step into making dreams a reality can often be the hardest. This step, however, is the most important action. Once you begin, the pathway clears, more ideas and solutions become visible, more inspiration occurs and the road becomes a bit more visible each step of the way and you do not get hung up on being stressed. Action helps relieve stress.

Diagnosing and dealing with more and more cancer patients, I have made it my short term mission to get enough money together to provide subsidised treatments and if they have private health extras, they can use that too to further reduce cost of treatments. But my long term mission will always remain to be able to extend this out to everyone.

The government will never assist physicians like me as we are a threat. Example: when someone with TAC comes to see me, maximum I can spend with them is 20 minutes to be paid $48. That same patient can see the GP for 10 minutes with starting pay of $110 depending on the suburb.

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