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Stress relief

Stress relief for health

We are all feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the moment but know that there are many natural methods you can cultivate and keep in your back pocket to help relieve some of the pressure that arises throughout day to day life. Stress must be addressed in the medical community as it is estimated that 95% of all illness is caused or worsened by it.

In TICM it is believed that by calming your mind and Spirit, you can heal your body. Though most of us are not taught natural stress relieving techniques, the good news is that they can be learned.

Prayer, mediation, tapping, deep breathing, mantras, positive affirmations, journalling, Qigong, tai-chi, are tried and true methods in reducing stress, strengthening the mind and invigorating the Spirit.

If you find yourself in the moment where stress is the overwhelming feeling, take a moment for yourself to practice the mentioned techniques. Connect to nature, take a hot bath, listen to high vibrational music, listen to Qur'an and have some warm tea. Numerous well designed studies show whole body benefits and stress reduction from these activities.

Nourish yourself with food. Make a priority to have groceries in the house and limit caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars. Eat regularly, always making breakfast and lunch priority meals. Skipping breakfast weakens the Spleen which can lead to anxiety and stress.

Address your health. Heavy metal toxicity, magnesium or vitamin B12 deficiency, weak Stomach and Spleen, an over burdened Liver, or a gluten allergy could be changing your brain. Do an inventory of your symptoms and talk to your doctor about herbal medicine that matches your needs.

Herbs like Wu Wei Zi (schisandra) is an adaptogen, adapt and balance your response to stress.

Ren Shen (ginseng) strengthens the Spleen function, and promotes energy.

Liver herbs helps manage the flow of emotions, Blood, and vital energy to ease stagnation.

Movement and exercise. Make sure your detox pathways are open, working, and perspiring. Sweat and getting your Blood pumping reduces stress and boosts your mood.

Join a community, which is hard at the moment. Being part of a group unites us and makes us feel like we are apart of something greater than ourselves, this can greatly reduce stress, allow us to gain perspective and make us happier.

Examine the way you look at things that may bring you stress. What are they trying to teach you? "If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it." ~ Mary Engelbreit

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