Strengthen Lungs

Strengthen lungs with northern and southern almonds

Known as southern almonds and northern almonds, apricot kernels are best known for their anti-cancer properties, but apricot kernels are also great to relieve cough and help moisten the Large Intestines.

Both almonds have been used for thousands of years in TCM. They are always used together, because each plays an important role to help our upper respiratory system. One is strengthening and one is releasing asthma and cough.

Southern almonds taste slightly sweet, their main function is to moisturise and nourish the Lung, respiratory air pathway, Large Intestine and skin.

Northern almonds taste slightly bitter. Their function is to smooth the flow of energy in the respiratory system, calm down asthma, coughs and reduce phlegm. Northern almonds should not be consumed in large quantities above 10g. I usually put 15-20 pieces in whatever I am making.

When making soup, put 15-20 pieces each, combined with 2 stalks Bok Choy, 2 pieces of dates, figs and 10 cups of water. This will start moisturising and strengthening the respiratory system to prevent coughing and asthma.

These almonds are available in Asian/Chinese/Vietnamese stores.

For those who live in Melbourne, Marmara Halal Meats in Dandenong are now selling these and other soup packs containing raw herbs. Makes an amazing immune boosting chicken or vegetable soup and are relatively financially economical to purchase.

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