Strengthen Gallbladder

Gallbladder 31 (GB31) is known as Wind Market. This point is the master wind point to expel wind and activate the Gallbladder meridian. Wind is both internal and external and is one of the Six Evils in TICM. It is why we always say to make sure your neck and ankles are covered on a windy day, because it affects the Gallbladder meridian and leads to headaches and feeling ill. Wind can be generated internally from a body overtaxed with inflammation or heat. Severe emotional stress can result in internal wind in the form of high blood pressure. When heat and wind are severe, this can manifest as a stroke. By tapping on this point for 2-3 minutes daily on both sides, you can do the following: Strengthen the bones, relax the sinews. Tonify the waist and knees.

Eliminate wind. Help lateral and posterior leg issues like sciatica, weakness, numbness and post-stroke symptoms of lower limbs. Powerful point to relieve itching. Treat skin disorders like eczema, itchiness, any red, itchy, skin disorders resulting from wind and/ or dampness anywhere on the body. Also helps sciatic nerve issues, lower back pain and leg muscle issues. For those that don't have a Gallbladder, the meridian is still there to use and this is a great point. In fact, you can tap on the entire meridian.

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