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As you clean your home, you see a spider that has woven its web in a corner of the home. If you realise that you ought to think about this creature which is normally of no importance to anyone, you will see new doors being opened for you. This tiny insect you see before your eyes is a miracle of design.

There is perfect symmetry in the web the spider has woven. If, by any chance, you wonder how a tiny spider could achieve such astonishingly perfect design all Glory be to God, and if you do some research, you will encounter some other extraordinary facts: the thread a spider uses is 30% more flexible than a rubber thread of the same thickness.

The thread the spider produces is of such a superior quality that men use it as a model for the manufacture of bullet proof vests.

DO NOT KILL ANY SPIDER. Read Qur'an chapter 29: a whole chapter dedicated to a small insect that has a huge significance yet we see it as a nuisance wanting to kill it with our flip flops.

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