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How to solve digestive issues

Almost everyone suffers from some degree of Spleen deficiency due to the very nature of modern lifestyles. Because the Spleen is responsible for digesting everything that we ingest whether it be food or news, we do not realise that we are making the Spleen work double time when we are eating in front of the television, scrolling through our phones while eating a quick breakfast and constantly multi-tasking. Over time, these behaviours weaken the Spleen and Stomach (and Pancreas) function, hence why so many people suffer from digestive disorders. The Spleen is powered by heat, it needs warmth to properly digest food, absorb and transport nutrients, manufacture Blood, control the muscles and manage our thoughts. On top of constant multi-tasking, we constantly ingest cold drinks, raw foods and skipping meals. When raw foods and iced drinks are taken in, our Spleen has to first bring them up to our internal temperature of approximately 37°C using our Qi (vital energy). This takes energy to do, using our Qi before digestion begins. The key to get the Spleen and entire digestive system, immune system and mental state to be in harmony is through gentle digestion. Of course the body is smart and resilient, so it adapts in order to function. But, it's not functioning at its highest capacity, so symptoms arise.

Eat regular meals. Eat consistently. The Spleen likes routine. Do not skip breakfast as the Stomach and Spleen are at the highest functioning levels between 7am to 11amand needs fuel. Eat warming breakfasts like congee, oatmeal, baked sweet potatoes, warm fruit salad with toasted walnuts. Always ensure you have a cup of ginger powder tea too.

Focus on warmth. Even when temperatures rise outside, the body still needs internal warmth (Yang) by the type of food ingested. Skip ice in your drinks, make sure you have several cups of warm water or ginger powder tea daily. Ginger is the ultimate warming food, incorporating it in your meals is the most effective way to provide warming (Yang) essence.

Bone broths: packed with lots of celery, spring onions and fresh ginger. I prefer ginger powder for that extra zing.

Soups: jam pack vegetables, seaweeds, herbs, broths, aromatics in your food intake with soups for easy digestion and complete nourishment.

Lightly cook vegetables by lightly steaming or sauteing your vegetables, the nutrition is kept intact, the essence of the vegetable is there to leave its positive impact on the body and the Spleen does not have to use energy in order to break down raw vegetables that are often hard to digest, especially if you have a weak digestive system.

See your doctor for herbal medicine that helps supports a healthy digestion of food and emotions, dries dampness and promotes water metabolism, relieves symptoms of indigestion and chronic diarrhoea, oedema, cough, low energy, weak limbs, excess phlegm that’s difficult to cough out (most of us have invisible phlegm we do not realise), bloating, helps panic attacks, fatigue, poor memory excess perspiration, night sweats, irregular menstruation, dizziness, blurry vision, genital itchiness, impotence, abdominal distention after eating, dry hair and dry skin.

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