Signs of God in milk

Turn your attention, also to the message embodied in the cattle, the milk that Allah has given us from their bellies, a pure delicious, Wholesome, soft drink that emerges from between the refuse and blood. Regard how the cattle’s (example cow/buffalo) swallow food through their mouth down to the stomach, where some, with the will of God, turns into blood and then the blood runs through its vessels, organs and flesh. As the vessels deliver it to the different parts, each organ, nerve, cartilage, hair, hoof and claw transforms it to its own composition. Then the blood stays in those stores that are reserved for it, since the animal cannot survive without it and then the refuse of the blood is pushed out to the Intestines where it is transformed to Dung, while the rest turns to pure White milk, smooth for the drinkers, emerging from between entrails (animal's Intestine) and blood. If the ewe or another animal is overmilked, the milk will be reddish in colour. The Almighty Allah filtered the softer part of the chime with the first processing being blood when it was conducted to the liver, then it was mingled with the four humours. Next the Exalted and Majestic God caused each of the four humours to pass toward its store and location which is prepared for it: Gallbladder, Spleen and Kidney. The rest of the Blood runs along the Liver's vessels, pouring from there to the breast, where God the Almighty transforms its bloody shape, composition and flavour to the milky shape, composition, and flavour.

This is how it is extracted from between entrails (animal's Intestines) and Blood. So, ask the one who denies this: Who managed things this way? Who Designed them with this Design? Who did things that carefully? Who showed so much kindness? Who but the Gentle, the Knower, God.

Note: Therefore, I explain to most women when they have breast diseases the Liver must be involved as the breasts belong to the Liver. In human females, Liver Blood is an extension to breastmilk. The Liver also regulates the Uterus so when there are issues of the reproductive system, the Liver is involved and must be looked at.

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