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Sadness according to TICM

Traditional Islamic and Chinese Medicine (TICM) teaches us that humans are nature, as our bodies mirror nature itself. Each organ system correlates with a specific emotion. Our Lungs are associated with sadness and grief. Each organ has a partner organ to keep them in balance. One organ is Female (Yin) and the other is Male (Yang). For example, the Yin organ is the Lung, the Yang is the Large Intestine. The partnership works as the Lungs taking in the new and the Large Intestine expels the old waste. In many cases of severe and excess grief and sadness, disorders can arise in both the Lung and Large Intestine, or it is easier to get sick. Our will to be open and let in the new when one chapter ends and let go to which no longer serves us is not only vital to our emotional stability but our physical bodies.

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