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Fatigue: rhodiola had a positive effect on fatigue levels and attention, compared to the placebo, they experienced significant improvements in stress symptoms, fatigue, quality of life, mood and concentration. PMID: 28219059 Stress: one study investigated the effects of rhodiola in 101 people with life and work related stress. It found significant improvements in symptoms of stress, such as fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety, after just three days. These improvements continued throughout the study. Depression: rhodiola rosea has also been suggested to have antidepressant properties by balancing the neurotransmitters in your brain PMID: 19168123 Diabetes: those with diabetes commonly use insulin injections or medications that increase insulin sensitivity to normalize their blood sugar levels. Animal research suggests rhodiola may help improve diabetes control. It has been shown to lower blood sugar in diabetic rats by increasing the number of glucose transporters in the blood. These transporters lower blood sugar by transporting glucose into the cells PMID: 29093682 & 24417880 Anti-cancer: test-tube studies have shown that it inhibits the growth of bladder, colon, breast and liver cancer cells PMID: 21520297, 27748934, 18800886 & 23073794

Note: I prefer rhodiola from the Tibetan Himalayas. It can be taken alone but I take half teaspoon with one and half teaspoons of chaga mushroom in a cup of hot water to assist me come off coffee. Chaga is known as the king of mushrooms and has so many health benefits.

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