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Re-usable knickers

Re-usable menstruation knickers

My patients will know that I do interrogate them on their periods as our periods says a lot about our health, emotional issues as well a Liver and Uterus connection. 

I usually say to my ladies that our periods should be a free flow and flow out of our bodies naturally. Therefore the best option is organic chemical free sanitary pads.  Tampons contain chemicals and many of my ladies stop using them after experiencing toxic shock syndrome. I do not recommend the moon cup either as it’s plastic plus again there is no free flow. 

There is a new craze whereby ladies are purchasing reusable menstruation knickers and reusable pads. I am pleased that we are looking after our earth but after recent experiments, it has come to my light that the crouch part of the knickers and pads contains chemicals. Which leads me back to the use of organic sanitary pads. 

Like with everything else ladies, I say do your own research and do not take my word for it.

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