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Prevent allergies and sickness

Easiest way to prevent sickness and allergies

We go to great lengths to stay away from not feeling well, but the easiest ways to stay well are always overlooked. I always speak that we want to keep essential meridians and our body warm. This allows the meridians to be open for the proper flow of our vital energy (Qi) and Blood to run smoothly throughout the body. When stagnation of Blood and Qi occurs, pain and symptoms arise.

To protect yourself from catching a cold, succumbing to allergies, runny nose, coughs, headaches and fatigue, wait until the weather is consistently warm to wear things like sandals, shorts, short dresses, crop tops, backless pieces...although I always encourage keeping things covered in the even of wind. Some of us know about HAARP.

You should always be wearing long sleeves, socks and a jacket if you are heading outside. If it is particularly warm, just bring an extra layer for later. Tying a scarf around the neck is also key, especially in the morning and evenings. This protects our neck, shoulder and Lung area from pathogens. If you get caught in the cold without the right clothing, make sure to make some tea when you get home and place a warm compress on your tummy. Drink some ginger powder tea.

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