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Premature aging

As we age, it is more common to experience symptoms relating to getting older, the greying and thinning of hair, ringing in ears, low libido, menopause, forgetfulness, weakness in the joints are all related to this process. In Western medicine, it is normal to prescribe hormones to help regulate these symptoms.

In Chinese medicine, however, the Kidney system is responsible for aging. In fact, it is responsible for growth, maturation, and reproduction. See how this correlate to Western theories of hormone therapy? The Kidney system stores an essence called "Jing". From a TCM standpoint, aging is a process of losing Kidney Qi and "Jing". What are the most common ways that we drain this essence?

Constantly connected: every piece of information we take in requires Qi to digest, just like the food we eat. When we take in information at the rate we are, we are using energy most likely without replenishing it.

Overexertion: menstruation requires more Qi from the Liver, when women exercise right before and during their periods vigorously, the body must work triple time to accomplish all its tasks. If you have PMS, cramping, migraines, irregular periods: your body needs more Qi.

Food: improper foods are the most damaging thing you can do to your body, and it affects the way you age tremendously. Eat foods without labels, eat real, whole foods. Avoid packaged foods, processed oils, sugars, and refined carbs.

Disconnected: in TCM, nature is our greatest teacher, always showing us the way for both mental and physical health. These days, we are too far from the principles of the very life that sustain us.

Lifestyle: "burning the candle at both ends" excess work, lots of stress, excess ejaculation and lack of rest drain this essence at a high rate.

Lack of rest: restorative and regenerative rest allow the organs, essences, Blood, cells to repair.

Drug and alcohol use: our Kidney and Liver process these substances. The more toxins you consume, the harder it is for these systems to work and try and detox the body without using more energy. This can cause overall weakness.

Acupressure: use movements to stimulate the Kidney as seen in my previous posts.

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