Pregnant ladies especially those who are in their third trimester, if you suffer from swollen legs with pitted oedema, you are at risk of pre-eclampsia. In which case I advise that you keep your legs elevated as much as possible. If you do end up getting pre-eclampsia, your baby is safe to come out between 36-38 weeks but check with your own obstetrician.

To avoid complications and a difficult birth if you are suffering, please try and prepare for the birth from 30 weeks by squatting for 5 minutes twice a day. You can build yourself up if you can’t do a full 5 minutes in one hit. Alternatively, my ladies who come for acupuncture throughout their pregnancy, I get them to sit on a chair back to front. Both these methods slowly but gently open up the cervix.

Ladies we need to keep labour as pain free as possible. We want to avoid long and difficult labour too. We want to avoid any medication where possible. If your baby has a long, difficult birth or the head is against the birthing canal for too long, this ends up with the baby being weak and deficient. More importantly, baby ends up with blocked vital energy (Qi) in the head. This means trouble especially if you intend on vaccinating your child as I can guarantee you that your child will end up being vaccine damaged ending with autism for one. I have very strong opinions on vaccinations but if you want your child vaccinated that is your choice. What I will say is make sure that child is in tip top shape and if that baby has just had a difficult birth, there is no way that child is vaccine ready.

I have so many queries where ladies want help especially when it comes to issues with their babies and children. Unless I physically see the children, I cannot help.

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