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Power of a woman

Many Muslims may see this post and believe that I am a feminist, but I do not care what anyone thinks, and I am no way into feminism. I say things how it is. Men and women have their roles and responsibilities in life given by God. As a proud Muslim woman, I know what I stand for, I know the power and my status in Islam, and I know the rights Islam gives me. Just because you choose not to take up your rights and hide behind a man, in your kitchen, that is a you problem and only you can fix that. But because one fears the power I have and they see how powerless they are, they will see me as a feminist. The first to embrace Islam was a woman, the first to die for Islam was a woman, all the top advisors of the Prophet of Islam were women, the Prophet of Islam had 4 daughters and I can go on all day, but I am only answerable to God.

There is a classic philosophical Chinese fairy tale called 'The Legend of the Lady White Snake', about a snake spirit, in her first incarnation as a human. ⁠ In a nutshell, The Lady White Snake, having meditated for many years to cultivate energy, power, and bravery (life giving Kidney Qi), takes human form in order to transcend and gain immortality but, after meeting a poor, gentle and scholarly human, the two fall in love and embark on a life together. Without giving the story away, the tale is fraught with extreme challenges in the form of demons, spirits and animals , symbolically good and bad people that must be overcome. ⁠ The story has roots in many different aspects of Chinese culture, having originated from folklore and naturally evolving and being subject to the vagaries of interpretation over the course of hundreds of years, but she is always represented as a strong and courageous woman.⁠ She is actually more powerful than her partner and does not allow herself to be subjugated by her adversaries throughout the trials and tribulations of her journey, points to her own self-belief, self-love, and ability to honour her yin whilst simultaneously honouring her partner's yang as he, in turn, transcends his own inherent and deep-rooted belief system. ⁠ The tale is actually a great example of the power of a woman. This legend shows that we all have the ability to draw on that infinite source inside ourselves, to celebrate every opportunity to overcome our own adversities and to recognise our own self-worth.⁠ Only those who can comprehend on knowing what it truly takes and means to love oneself fully will understand this story and how powerful women really are.

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