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Postpartum formula

Childbirth requires the largest amount of Blood and Qi (energy) expressed at one time. It is a beautiful yet impactful event for the body that is revitalizing if those substances are properly replenished. Afterwards, the new mom is left depleted in both areas (Blood and Qi). These are the two substances that supply our life force, our vitality, our wellness. For women, we know why Blood is so important, without proper replenishment almost every symptom can be traced back to Blood and Qi deficiency. Immediately after childbirth, there is an empty cavity in the body where the baby once was. The new mother's body is open to receiving pathogens, especially wind and or cold. If she catches wind, the tradition states that it will cause future ailments and prevent the body from properly recovering. These symptoms include joint pain, arthritis and hip pain that can develop quickly or several years down the road. One way to strengthen the body postpartum is with the ancient formulae’s. These herbal combination recharges the body postpartum, alleviates postpartum ache and pains and strengthens the entire body. It also means it reduces cold and dampness in the joints and tendons, tonifies Liver and Kidney and replenishes Qi and Blood. It helps: stiffness and numbness in the joints and body, lumbar pain, knee and joint pain, decreased mobility from weak Kidney and Liver function (the organs governing childbirth), inflammation and poor circulation. Herbal formulae’s also help to strengthen weak legs, relieve soreness in the back, warm cold hands and feet, prevent bone loss and muscle weakness, recharge the body postpartum, help conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic back pain, and sciatica.

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