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There are times it just feels easier to feel bad and look at all the things that are going wrong on both a micro and macro scale. We often see examples of this done by our parents, loved ones or those we looked up to which taught us to view our lives in these limiting perspectives. What's up to you, however, is continuing to live life with those blinders on and thinking that everything is happening to you. You are a creator. It is up to you what you do with that.

Just as anything you want to improve upon takes practice, so does having a positive outlook and mindset. Your brain is a muscle, and it requires training to shift your perspective to a more positive one. One where you are in control. Perspective is everything. You must be willing to look at circumstances from a different angle. Our emotions directly impact our organ systems. In TICM, we believe that disease mostly stems from excess or unresolved emotions. Each organ is correlated to a different emotion. Have a look below if you have health symptoms or problems tied to the below organ systems. Examine the emotion that is associated with the organ. Is there a connection? For example, disorders like high Blood pressure stem from the Liver, so do allergies. There is always a connection, it is just whether we choose to see it or not. I would strongly advise you explore it and if you are a patient of mine, let me know in clinic what you find. Kidney - fear Liver - anger, stress, frustration Heart - joy (joy is good for the Heart, this translation is more about a state of agitation or over-excitement) Spleen - worry, overthinking Lung - grief Positivity takes practice, you must practice not worrying or overthinking. If you want to change, I guarantee you that your body will gladly adhere to it, in both mind and body. Your body wants to be healthy, that is its natural state of being.

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