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Positive Vibrations

Now more than ever, we must raise our vibrations and keep it high in order to defeat the silent spiritual and psychological war we are up against.

Everything is energy. You may or may not have heard that before. Everything in our Universe is made up of energy, including us. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Our vibration is one way to describe your overall state of being.

Let us raise our vibration by: Mindfulness: the practice of meditation has been around since the beginning of time for a reason. It is essential in growth, self-acceptance, self-realisation, self-reflection and so much more. The answers we seek are always within us, not outside of us.

Thoughts: negative thoughts don't feel good. Often, our negative thoughts create a negative symptom, whether it be a stomachache or headache, our body quite literally reacts to negativity. Words hold vibrations, choose wisely when thinking and speaking to yourself and others. Negativity uses more energy than positivity. A smile uses less energy than a frown.

Nourishment: fruits, vegetables, herbs and quality foods show your body are sources of life force energy which elevates your frequency. Quality food is grown by the sun and nourished by the Earth, which the body recognises. Chemicals like preservatives, additives, hormones, sugars, weaken your state of thinking and being. It is wise to avoid them as much as you can. I introduce my patients to things such as black rice, red rice etc that they have never heard of or seen before. We must align with nature as much as possible.

Grateful: appreciating what you have now in your life raises your vibration instantly. There is no better feeling than feeling gratitude. There is always something to appreciate. How good does it feel when you feel appreciated? It warms the Heart. Every morning I write 10 things I am grateful for and same in the evening before going to bed, even if it is the same things I am writing down. Be thankful for your bed you sleep on, the duvet that keeps you warm, the running hot water for the shower, thank your fully functional car, and so on.

Acts of kindness: selflessness is a true virtue. Our job on this Earth is to be of service and to help our community, our circle and beyond. No act is too small to have a positive impact beyond only those involved.

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