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Pearl barley

Yi Yi Ren (Pearl Barley/Job's Tears)

The other day I spoke about many patients who come to see me as they simply cannot shift the weight regardless of what they do. As explained, it is simply because their body is overwhelmed with damp (water/fluid retention) as the Spleen is not functioning. I suggested drinking Fu Ling (Poria) tea, which are white in colour and look like scrolls which you can purchase from any Chinese grocery stores. Fu Ling is a personal favourite of mine which I prescribe often. However there is another amazing herb called Yi Yi Ren, which is more readily available and also has amazing functions and indications which includes the ability to lose water retention through urination.

People with damp in their body feel tired, heavy limbs or whole body ache all the time, even after a long night sleep. So try to drink roasted Yi Yi Ren with green tea in the morning after breakfast.

Roast 1 teaspoon of Yi Yi Ren until slightly brown in color, put in cup with green tea, add hot water, cover for 10 minutes until barley sinks to the bottom of cup.

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