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Over worrying, fatigue, anxious…

Are you feeling fatigued and anxious? Are you overthinking? Practice this daily. See your TICM doctor for some Spirit calming herbs.

Place your thumb and middle finger together while lacing your wrist. This covers your Pericardium meridian (Pericardium is one of the most overlooked organ in mainstream medicine). This meridian, Xin-Bao, is known as both the Heart opener, as well as the Heart or Spirit protector. This channel protects the Heart from emotional trauma, constricts the chest to protect the Heart, and helps to express the Joy of the Heart. It helps regulate circulation in the major Blood vessels running in and out of the Heart. While your middle finger and thumb lace your wrist, rub the wrist as shown to massage it and cover all the points on the wrist. This stimulates the following points: HT7, LU9, PC7, SI5, SJ4, LI5. At point LU9, is where vital energy (Qi) gathers. It helps to circulate our body's energy properly and calm the mind. Another point worth noting is HT7, the translation for HT7 is Shen Men, which means Spirit Gate. As its name suggests, this acupuncture point is fantastic for calming the mind and helping to resolve symptoms such as anxiety, worry, panic attacks, and Heart palpitations by deepening the inner connection to one’s spirit. HT7 is the source point for the Heart meridian, so it helps regulate any associated conditions and make sure circulation is smooth. This is great for high or low Blood pressure, anaemia and varicose veins. Do both sides. Rub for 1-3 minutes, 2-3 times per day or as needed. Stay calm, relaxed and clear.

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