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Strengthen the Belt Vessel (muffin top)

TICM uses ancient methods that work very well in our modern world. Our current lifestyles which promote overwork, stress, worry, skipping meals, out of season eating, etc, have placed a burden on our Spleen function. A weak Spleen makes it tough to maintain healthy weight. Here are some tips to improve the functioning of your belt vessel (also known as the area around the muffin top), digestion and emotional health which are all intertwined. Practice the exercise of pinching the belt vessel. Cut out dairy. Dairy produces phlegm and dampness, two things trying to be drained from the body during this time. Dampness = excess weight. Get moving. Moderate exercise daily promotes the flow of Qi (energy) and Blood, helping to eliminate dampness and phlegm which is essentially fat. Exercises like Qigong and Salaah open channels and invigorate the flow of Qi and Blood, great for weight loss. Refrain from drinking liquids (other than broth or soup) right before and during your meal. Only drink warm beverages like warm water with lemon, ginger powder tea after you have finished eating. Herbal therapy helps to invigorate organ function, especially to help the belt vessel, speak to your physician about Vitality, Spleen, Liver and Weight formulas.

Half your intake of carbohydrates for several weeks but increase your consumption of vegetables and proteins. Eat more rice and legumes and avoid wheat and refined carbohydrates that produce phlegm and dampness. White rice and sweet potatoes are loved by the Spleen, but not to be over consumed. Do not forget to make emotional health your priority. Do something daily to make yourself happy. Think child like, pure joy. Paint, go for a walk, volunteer, journal, knit... the possibilities are endless.

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