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Morning ritual

Flowing in a daily routine will only make you wonder why you did not start one sooner. Start yourself off with a morning ritual or routine. For me, I always make ginger powder tea and warming congee or baked sweet potato for breakfast. This small step starts my day off by nourishing my Stomach and Spleen which are then able to provide my body with ample nutrients and Blood. It sets the tone for my digestion for the rest of the day, then Qi (vital energy) will be high. In general, making a routine for yourself is more important than ever because most people are still working from home.

Having a steady routine will help the following:

Metabolic function: having meals around the same time is music to the Stomach and Spleen's ears. They thrive on consistency and warmth. When they are thriving, the whole body is healthy, as most health imbalances start in the gut. Breakfast and lunch are especially important, do not skip those. When you rise in the morning, opt for ginger powder tea or warm lemon water to activate your digestion and help remove waste.

Sleep: a daily routine influences your quality of rest and when you wind down everyday. With better rest you form better habits, increase mental sharpness, emotional stability and a consistent energy level. Maintaining consistent waking and sleeping patterns are essential for proper organ function. Days when I am not working, my bedtime is 8pm, no negotiations. It is winter time for me and resting time for my Kidneys and Jing.

Saves time: a routine removes the guesswork out of the day and allows us to wake up and do instead of wake up and plan. This allows more time to get things done. Keeping lists and notes are very helpful.

Better health: breakfast, exercise, time spent unplugged from technology are essential for grounding and rejuvenation.

Reduces the need for willpower: when we brush our teeth or take a shower in the morning, it does not require much determination or willpower because most of us have made it a daily ritual. The reason we do not think twice about brushing our teeth is because, well, it is routine. See how that glorious cycle can work to your benefit.

Best of all, routines can be tailored to you as an individual. Do what works for you. You will inspire yourself and others around you. Live through actions and not just words.

My daily routine is how I have the ability to start work at 6am, finishing at 9pm seeing patients back to back without drop in energy. I always keep my Stomach and Spleen happy as well as Liver. When not at work, I also have routine so I do not get lost in this zombie world I currently line in. Even my kitten has been trained so well that she know's my coming and going.

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