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Gua Sha Gallbladder for migraines

Try this simple gua sha movement to help relieve the discomfort if you are experiencing migraines or floaters. You do not have to do it as fast as me, I am just heavy handed when I do things on myself. The redness means the heat or inflammation is being taken out the body. If the area becomes dark red, it means Heat, bright red means Hyperactive Fire due to Yin Deficiency, light red like mine means normal, black means stagnation due to extreme cold, light purple means Qi (energy) Deficiency, purple means Stagnation due to Damp, dark purple means Stagnation due to Excess, plum means Damp and Heat.

Use the gua sha tool as shown in the video to scrape the back of the neck in a downwards motion. We are going downwards as we want to draw the energy down and out the body be reducing. If we go upwards, we can exacerbate things as we are taking things to the top by tonifying our migraines and floaters. This works well when you have a fever, feeling hot, headaches etc. Scraping downwards also opens up stagnation to release headaches and brighten the eyes and face.

This stimulates the back of the neck where many points run through, especially GB20 (Gallbladder) known as Wind Pool in English, which is a channel responsible for many migraines, headaches, eye issues and that feeling like you just caught a cold.

Do for 30 seconds to 2 minutes twice daily.

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