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Truth on menopause

Hot flashes, irritability, brain fog and night sweats are just some of the normal symptoms we are conditioned to hearing about in relation to menopause. Surprisingly, these symptoms aren't experienced by a majority of women around the world. Researchers from the Department of Integrated Health at Westminster University polled 1,000 British women ages 45 to 55 and compared their answers to those of women from the U.S., Canada, Japan and China. The conclusion was that Japanese and Chinese women suffer the least amount of menopause symptoms. British women suffer the most and Americans are somewhere in between.

One study for Americans concluded that 75% of American women experience menopause symptoms.

Menopause symptoms do not come out of the blue, as they effect women who suffered from not so pleasant periods earlier on. Any symptoms are just the body signalling an imbalance, for periods and libido the imbalance is most commonly in the Liver, and menopause most likely in the Kidney.

When treating menopause or period symptoms, a TICM doctor will ask the patient about their diet and lifestyle as that is the key factor for treatment.

Menopause symptoms arise from the following life factors:

Poor nutrition.

Eating disorders.

Lack of movement.

Stress from overwork.

Walking bare feet on cold surfaces.

Environmental toxins and pollutants.

Excessive intake of synthetic hormones from animal foods.

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