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Mechanisms of acupuncture

REDUCES INFLAMMATION: Acupuncture has been shown to increase anti-inflammatory cytokines as well as decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines. Inflammation is a cause and symptom of many chronic and acute health conditions such as joint and muscle pain, digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn’s), headaches, painful periods and so much more.⠀

BENEFITS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Whether you have an overactive (autoimmune) or underactive (susceptible to colds, infections) immune system, acupuncture can help. As an immunomodulator, acupuncture can regulate mucosal cells in the intestines to positively impact the immune system as well as exert anti-inflammatory effects. Acupuncture promotes natural killer cell activity and lymphocyte proliferation immediately after a single session and lasts for up to one month post treatment.⠀

PAIN RELIEF: Acupuncture is an incredibly effective tool for pain relief because it sends the message to the brain through the central nervous system to release pain relieving neurotransmitters and endogenous opioids. The neural pathways promote deactivation of the pain centres of the brain.⠀

BALANCES HORMONES: Acupuncture can promote insulin sensitivity, increase endorphins and serotonin (the body’s feel good hormones), stimulates the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone which impacts ovulation and the menstrual cycle, regulates cortisol (stress hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) levels, as well as balance estrogen and progesterone levels for reduction of PMS and improved fertility.⠀

INDUCES PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM: Acupuncture induces the parasympathetic aspect of the autonomic nervous system (opposite of the sympathetic or flight or flight mode). This promotes feelings of relaxation and reduced stress. Systematic reviews also reveal acupuncture to be an effective treatment option for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.⠀

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: Acupuncture enhances the generation of nitric oxide around acupuncture points increasing blood flow in the related area.

Above are only a few benefits of acupuncture.....

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