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Lyme disease treatment

Please see previous post on the pathology of Lyme is compared to a syndrome called Gu which encompasses all complex chronic infections and inflammatory diseases. Gu is triggered by infection by a parasitic organism and is stealthy, turning into a type of toxin in the body. This is true for Lyme disease as well. Parasitic organisms are known to have a toxic effect on the body, also leaching onto other toxins in the body spinning a complex web of intricate symptoms.

Antibiotics weaken the Liver function and the digestive system, the pillars of support needed to dispel this level of virus. TCM focuses on first strengthening the body before using conventional medicine.

How is TCM used with Lyme disease:

Through a multi-layered approach, an individualistic approach dependent on the symptoms, diagnoses and understanding that there are multiple stages to the condition. But before trying to deal with the condition, the body must be strengthened through herbs, acupressure, acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle changes, and so on.

Strengthen immune system, rebuild deficiencies through Spleen/Stomach, Liver and Kidney function through tonifying Qi (vital life force) Blood, Yin and Yang through herbal therapies. When the Spleen is strong, digestion and immunity are strong, when the Liver is strong, detoxing and removing pathogens is strong and when the Kidney is functioning well the immune system is too.

- Spleen herbs, blood builders and colon herbal formula's.

Remove stagnant Liver Qi and Blood to dispel the toxicity of the Lyme. The pathways of elimination must be strengthened in order to dispel toxins correctly.

- Liver herbs, candida and colon formula's.

Overall herbal therapy and supplements:

Strengthen the body through nourishing the weakened organ(s) depending on your TCM diagnosis for which you will need to speak to your doctor. Majority of the time the Spleen/Stomach are weak.

Eat at the same times every day. Do not skip meals especially breakfast.

No wheat, diary, sugary and fruits. Fruits are too high in fructose and harder to digest on cold days and winter months.

Ginger powder tea daily to kill bacteria.

Fractionated Pectin Powder to bind to toxins and support natural detox.

The stronger your digestion, the stronger your immunity and ability to dispel toxic cells.

Weekly enema's.

Use bentonite clay masks on lymph nodes and detox externally (will do a post shortly on how to make).

Colon detox formula's because the more bacteria, parasites, candida, etc you can kill, the better the environment.

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