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Lunar calendar

Why is the Lunar calendar so important to me?

The definition of a lunar calendar is a calendar based on the different phases of the moon, as compared to the Gregorian calendar that is based on the movement of the Earth around the sun. The lunar calendar is based on the fact that it takes approximately 29.53 days (on the Gregorian calendar) to complete 12 full lunar cycles.

The most popular lunar calendar, outside of the Islamic version, is the Chinese lunar calendar, both of which I use as they are essential to my work. While people do primarily use the Gregorian calendar for most purposes, holidays and traditional events are celebrated based on the Islamic and Chinese lunar calendars. An example of a lunar based calendar is the Chinese calendar that reflects Chinese New Year on a different day every year. Likewise, Ramadan comes 10 days earlier every year.

I know this will cause a stir, but many Muslims are led to believe that hijama is to be carried out on 17, 91, 21 lunar month. I do not follow this rule and are the hadith’s genuine? If they are genuine and these dates fall on Wednesday or Saturday will you take the risk in having hijama done as it is also claimed that you will get leprosy. Then you have Muslims who follow different moons, etc. Then by the time the 17 comes, the moon is no longer at its peak nor full. But as usual instead of Muslims questioning, they just follow blindly as per usual. As a straightforward person who chooses not to follow nonsense, I choose to eliminate all this nonsense out. I have the ability and tools to calculate the moon phases myself. I do not follow any man made rulings, I search for the moon myself and according to my calculations the full moon enters at sunset on 13th day of lunar month and for me, this is the time to get my hijama patients in. Sunset is when my day begins.

If you are familiar with colon herbal formula’s, you know that I usually suggest following the moon schedule of the lunar calendar.

Colon formula: targets bacteria, parasites. Works on strengthening the body’s Yang to push out toxins. Creates a strong host.

Candida formula: good for people who are easily stressed, angered, frustrated and suffer from myraid of symptoms as this formula reduces damp heat that's a sticky like residue which easily holds toxins and excess weight.

I have personally found more efficacy with myself and my patients using and it was part of my teachings to follow this schedule when healing. As you know from my previous posts, bacteria and parasites are most active during the New and Full Moons as this is when they breed.

To use colon and candida formula’s via the lunar calendar. You take the herbs twice monthly for 5 days each time. Take them before bed.

Full moon: start 4 days before the full moon and take for a total of 5 days (the 5th day will be the night of the Full Moon).

New moon: start the day of the new moon and take for 5 days.

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