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Lumbago is a condition that describes pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back. In western terms it is usually said to be caused by an injury, fracture, sprain, poor posture, arthritis, ruptured disk, improper lifting or lack of exercise.

TICM defines lumbago as a bit of a deeper root cause and not so surface. It is described as a disturbance in energy and Blood flow in the meridians and channels in the lumbar region, so that the channels go into spasm or the region loses adequate nourishment. This may result from attack by exogenous pathogenic evil like wind, cold or dampness from traumatic injury or from insufficiency of the Kidney's. All of these causes are treatable through TICM, many people are able to find relief for good.

This condition can be painful and even debilitating depending on the severity with other accompanying symptoms like uneasy sleep, restlessness and anxiety, knee pain, cold limbs and phlegm.

There are many TICM methods to help treat lumbago naturally.

Hijama and acupuncture helps flow Blood and energy to the area in distress. Other techniques like moxibustion and cupping might be used as well if dampness is present in the region.

Qigong movements can help strengthen the lower back and help push out pathogens. Speak to your TICM movements for movements to help to do so.

Keeping the lower back warm, replenishing warm energy with eating warm, cooked foods and incorporating ginger powder tea daily is very important. A strong Stomach can help support the lower back and increase circulation of energy and Blood flow to the area.

Keep your feet and lower back warm to provide warmth to the Kidney's.

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