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Low energy and Liver

Liver is responsible for low energy

When we are low in energy, Our Liver is responsible. If our vital energy is low, this will have a knock on effect on our heath. This means there may not be enough energy to circulate Blood in the body leading to things such as low iron.

In TICM, our vital life force energy should be constantly moving through our body. This vital energy is made up of the things we ingest like air, water, and food. Our other form of energy is that of which we inherit from birth. These are the two types that give us life. Energy is Life. It signals growth, change, and transformation.

The Chinese character for energy, is the same word for air or gas. So you see that energy is not only within us, but all around us. It is energy. Everything is in fact energy, something not only believed in TICM thousands of years ago, but proven again through discoveries in modern 'physics'.

The Liver is the organ system that is compared to the army general of the body. This organ stores and regulates our vital substances like Blood and energy. The primary function of the Liver is to regulate the movement of energy within the body. This function is absolutely essential for the physiological actions of all organ systems in the body. These functions are the foundation of the energy that maintains life they can be grouped into four categories: the pushing and the regulation of Liver energy, digestion, emotional health, and women’s health. I will go further into those exact functions in another post.

As you can see, the health of the Liver regulates the health of our entire body, mainly due to its special relationship with energy. Our Liver comes into focus in the Spring season. This means it is the most opportune time to nourish the Liver as it’s energy is the strongest.

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