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Lost smell sense

Usually in clinic, those who have lost smell senses, I will needle LI20 as needling is always best. If you are suffering loss of smells, nasal, congestion, phlegm etc which not try this exercise.

Acupuncture point LI20 is known as Welcome Fragrance in English. LI20 is used to treat disharmonies of the nose: rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies, loss of smell, nasal discharge, sinus issues, nasal polyps, facial paralysis, headache, and common cold.

It can also help those who are suffering from loss of smell due to the killer pandemic.

You may be surprised to know that the Large Intestine channel has more of an impact on the respiratory system than it does on the Large Intestine. How can this be true? Each organ system is paired with a bowel. The Lung organ system's bowel is the Large Intestine.

How to massage LI20:

Place both tips of your index fingers on LI20, with gentle pressure press firmly and rotate in small circles outwardly, for about 1-3 min, 3 times daily.

Location of LI20:

In the nasolabial groove, level with the midpoint of the lateral border of the ala nasi, aka on either side of the nostril.

Extra tips: do this daily to prevent any discomfort of the nose.

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