London fruit

Longan fruit very juicy and sweet and usually available at the Asian shops. They are very similar to lychee's. Just like lychee's, longon fruit are hot in nature so be careful not to over consume, maximum 7 as it is known as the euphoria fruit. It is an aromatic, delicious and fairly sweet fresh fruit.

Health benefits:

Qi (vital energy) tonic for boosting everyday energy. Eaten on a regular basis, longan is much more than only a temporary energy enhancer. It is really an outstanding Qi tonic which raises long term energy.

Blood tonic as longan is the leading blood medicines of TICM tonic herbalism, it is usually coupled with various other blood medications just like Dang Gui as well as Peony to create blood building teas and also formulations.

Nurtures the Heart in accordance with classic TICM herbal theory, longan immediately feeds the heart, endorsing Heart health.

Promotes calmness as longan is known for promoting stillness. It’s been discovered to enhance a deep, rejuvenating sleep. In case you have sleeplessness, you can savour utilising a traditional tonic formulation referred to as ginseng and longan combination, which is renowned for assisting encourage an excellent night’s sleep.

Reduce chance of anaemia. They have been proved to consist of iron that is needed in red blood cell creation and for that reason helps in reducing the chance of anemia. It is in many herbal formula's to reduce anxiety, nurture our heart, prevent anaemia.

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