Living in harmony

Living in harmony according to Chinese Medicine

Although the below is according to Chinese tradition, this is very much an Islamic perspective too in my opinion. Chinese tradition and medicine is inseparable to Islamic tradition and medicine, which is why I am in love with my tradition and medicine. Nothing else can ever compare to the two.

The Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen is the ancient text on which modern Chinese medicine has build its foundation. Though it was written over two thousand years ago, it still deeply resonates in our modern lives. Using seasonal wisdom consciously creates harmony for your internal and external state.

The below passage describes spring and how to manage health and disharmony's that arise. After the passage I have described each number in more modern and relatable terms.

The three months of spring, they denote effusion and spreading.

Heaven and earth together generate life; the myriad beings flourish.

Go to rest late at night and rise early. Move through the courtyard with long strides.

Dishevel the hair and relax the physical appearance, thereby cause the mind [to orient itself on life.

Give life and do not kill. Give and do not take. Reward and do not punish.

This is correspondence with the Qi (energy) of spring and it is the way to nourish life. Opposing it harms the Liver.

In summer, this causes changes to cold, and there is little to support growth - Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen.

The beginning explains the energy coming through, regenerating life once again. Flowers blossom, trees spread their leaves, animals are mating and new life is forming. We are also part of this cycle. It's a good time to sprout and create new, cleaning away the old and what does not serve us.

During winter it is suggested to go to bed very early and rise later, now it is saying to stay up a bit later to enjoy a longer evening and rise earlier with the sun. Enjoy nature and spread and stretch yourself out. Be comfortable and notice the beauty of nature blooming.

It is the time to nourish and create new in any arena of your life that you wish because you are supported by universal energy. Go with the flow, not against it. The Liver, which is the organ correlated to spring, thrives on flexibility and adaptability. It gets sick through stubbornness and rigidness.

Focus on creation and not dismantling.

This passage concludes with the physical manifestation on how living against this flow harms the Liver. Symptoms arise that are very common: menstrual irregularities, headaches, migraines, allergies, anger and irritability are some of the most common. If we do not live like this, by the time we reach summer, there won't be enough fuel to maintain proper digestion and symptoms arise like bloating, poor digestion, constipation, loose stools and GERD. Poor Liver function interrupts the Stomach and Spleen function.

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