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Liver and spring

Spring is Liver season

People in the Southern Hemisphere, it is time to prepare for spring. Spring has always been my favourite time of year especially when it came to going around and picking everyone's daffodils from their garden to bring back home to put in my vase! Yes it is true and I used to do this very Spring without fail and my village got used to me borrowing their flowers.

Spring is when we can easily connect to the ideas of renewal and rebirth. The foundation of TICM includes a system called the Five Element Framework, which organises everything natural into categories. These categories are made up of: elements, seasons, emotions, organs, colours, tastes, directions, sounds and so on. These groupings have a synergy and correlation with one another. Spring season relates to the Liver. This is when the organ's energy is at its peak, making healing and nourishing the most attainable.

The simplest way to think of the Liver is like a factory. It produces, processes, stores, and eliminates. It is called the Army General of the body and its nature is to move energy upward and outward freely, much like a tree, which is why the Liver and the element wood are associated. The Liver is responsible for smoothing out any excess or deficiency of Blood, emotion, Qi in the entire body. It also is the organ that governs a woman’s health more than any other organ as it works with the Uterus. It is also the body’s main organ of detoxification.

In TICM, our organs play a major role in our emotions and vice versa, like a cycle. If the smooth flow of emotions are disturbed, we can easily feel stagnant or stuck resulting in feelings like frustration, anger and even possible substance addiction. These emotions manifest in the physical body through migraines, seasonal and food allergies, eye disorders, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, sensitive tendons, acne and other skin problems, swelling or lumps in the Liver, Gallbladder, groin, breasts, lateral thighs and thyroid.

The good news is that within any imbalance is room for healing, that is the natural desire of the body, to be healthy. It will do anything to do so. Use the heightened energy of the Spring for optimal Liver health.

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