Naturally help Liver's emotional burden Honour yourself: through your words, through your expression of how you feel and your emotions. It takes practice, but if you are stuffing your feelings down, they will only lead to physical pain.

Herbs: Liver formula’s is an ancient formula that helps eliminate toxins like bacteria, mould, toxins naturally, leaving a pain free, healthy and an emotional state that is balanced and content.

Greens: the Liver loves greens and sour foods. Think dandelion tea, sauerkraut, green apples, pickled vegetables as well as dark leafy greens.

Reduce your stress: make sure you are resting enough, asking for help is good for the Liver as well as practicing flexibility both literally and figuratively.

Qigong or Salaat: uses movement, breathing, and meditation together to open up meridians and channels for proper Qi and Blood flow through connecting to the Universe. You can look up movements online.

Acupuncture/acupressure alleviates stagnation and promotes the healthy flow of Qi to help your Liver function optimally. I will post some acupressure points relating to the Liver.

Detox baths: hot, epsom salt baths help promote the natural detoxification of the Liver, relieving stagnation, while your body absorbs vital magnesium.

Meditation: promotes emotional wellbeing, self-awareness and controls stress and anxiety, it can shift your perspective to a more positive one, allowing you to tackle things more clearly.

Connecting to nature and your creativity: by mirroring the harmony that is effortlessly exhibited through nature daily, we can have a more positive perspective on our own life. Be playful, be creative, whatever that looks like for you.

Cooking: making meals for yourself and/or your family is the ultimate nourishment and care you can exhibit to your body.

Nourish the Stomach through easily digestible foods and remove cold drinks, raw and cold foods from your meals as cold foods harm the digestion, reproductive organs and Blood and Qi flow. Stagnation induces painful periods, anger, and poor digestion. Avoid fried and greasy foods which clog the Liver.

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