Want liposuction? use ginger extract

Ladies (and gents), I am sure all those who read my posts now know I have a love for ginger. I honestly believe it is the ultimate herb all round.

I have been using ginger extract on my own body for detoxification but more so for things like stretch marks, cellulite and fat. What I have found is that with consistent use, ginger penetrates into the skin's muscle base and has the functions of soothing, firming and lifting as well as giving that warmth feeling with healthy skin and complexion.

I rub myself down every night before bed so that the ginger can work its miracle overnight whilst I am sleeping. I also take ginger powder tea regularly throughout the day. Also once a month, I grate heaps of ginger, run a bath and soak in that for a good 20 minutes.

I do not have research papers, I am sharing personal experiences. If you have a heat related condition, I do not advise dousing yourself in ginger but do take ginger powder tea orally.

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