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Let go this autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year back home enjoying the leaves on trees turn yellow/brown falling off and covering the footpaths and roads. There is also a fresh crispy smell in the air in the early mornings. Nature and trees teach us that Autumn is the best time to let go.

In TICM, each of our organs correspond to seasons, colours, foods, tastes, smells, sounds, times of day and so on. It is one of the foundations of TICM and gives us clues to our own mini universes. In Islam, even our 5-7 daily prayers have a different colour associated with them

Autumn is associated with the Lungs. As we move into crisper weather and shorter days, we transcend through the feelings of expansion and into the more internal days of Autumn. It is time to get more introspective and do things that better you. The Lungs are big on letting go. Just as the leaves change colours and shed from their tree, it is time for you to release anything weighing us down. There are new experiences waiting for you just beyond the horizon.

This is the season for organisation and setting limits for ourself. Set boundaries to protect what we want and feel. There is no need to apologise for that when we are setting boundaries when you act with grace.

Let us practice being open to new ideas, feeling a positive self-image, new daily affirmations, journaling, letting go of negative people in our life, letting go of situations that do not make us feel good, more walks, drinking ginger tea, more marveling at nature, donating old clothes and de-clutter. Perhaps even time to re-arrange furniture in our room's and house for an energy shift. I have a friend whose family even swap bedrooms at this time of year!

Let us all be happy and healthy.

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