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Lemons: vitamin c

Lemons for Viruses

Do not consume synthetic vitamin C supplements. Use as much natural as possible to strengthen the immune system. Viruses are simple to deal with that you can get rid of by doing the below.

As you will all hear that the current virus does not have a vaccine or treatment as you are told, usually these man made diseases are caused by gene fusion. Happy to discuss this further with those who come to see me.

Slices of lemon in a cup of hot water is best. The hot lemon can kill the proliferation of this virus in our bodies. Cut 3 slices of lemon and put into a cup then pour hot water and it will turn into alkaline water. Consuming this water every day will definitely help you against the proliferation of the current virus.

Warm lemons have the same beneficial effect and much greater than medicines. Treatment with this extract destroys the virus and cures the flu. In addition, acids and carboxylic acid in lemon juice can regulate hypertension, protect the narrow arteries and reduce blood clotting.

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