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Late summer to strengthen digestion

Late summer is one the major seasons in Eastern practices, giving us a total of five seasons instead of four like our calendars state in the West. It is a time used to stabilise as we shift from one season to the next. One of the foundations of TICM, which is all about interrelationships and how they influence us, we become more in tune and therefore more harmonious and healthier, both physically and mentally. Living with the cycles of the seasons and listening to nature's wisdom should not be forgotten as it gives us insight into how our body can find balance. Our digestive system is the root of our health. That was believed thousands of years ago as the famous Chinese physician Li Dong Yuan founded the Earth School in 1180 CE, because he believed that the aetiology of most diseases was a result of injury to the digestive system. He placed the Spleen and Stomach at the centre of one’s health. Thanks to modern day research, we know that is true because of the role our gut plays in our immunity, mental health and more. The Spleen and Stomach are responsible for transforming food and drink into what will become the Qi, Blood and fluids and essences the body needs for all bodily functions. When we can properly take in nourishment, we are able to create good health and wellness. Most who suffer from health imbalances are either unable to absorb proper nutrients from the food they are eating or don't eat proper nutrients to begin with, both resulting in dysfunction. Use this time to connect and eat real, whole foods.

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